Welcome to Trinity Snooker Club, the club was re-opened in November 2020 having undergone a massive renovation after the club had closed for 5 years. Recently taken over by a new committee team, the club has been transformed into a modern, fresh, welcoming snooker club with access 24/7.

    The current team, with the help of some friends along the way, have brought the club into the modern era with clean grey paintwork accented by dark grey/black floor tiles and blinds, LED lighting all round, access card system for entry and table light, cold drinks and snacks available and a lounging area with TV. The club has 3 full size tables all fitted with Hotwire table heaters and benefits from an air conditioning system to keep a perfect playing environment all year round.

    Table light is charged by the minute by our card access system and billed at the end of each month.

    The club also enjoys 24/7 access so play whenever you like for how long you like, maybe even consider starting a snooker or billiards team and enter the local leagues 👍🏼

    Visit the Trinity Snooker Club’s Facebook page here.